Thursday, August 17, 2006

Counting down

Yes JT, we are gearing up! Panic time, as time is running out, and the geese are flying low! Frantically putting “stuff” together and trying to get a second mortgage to pay for the gas needed to get to the hallowed hunting grounds.


-still trapping woodchucks outa the garden
-2+ weeks to early goose, wabbit and squirrel
-6 weeks to grouse
-7 weeks to woodcock and setting deer stands
-8 weeks to bow season (my secret is out)
-11 weeks to un-holy holy week (days of obligation during the rut)
-12 weeks to the southern tier deer opener
- etc.

Too much going on, how does a boy get it all in??? Goose in the am, grouse at noon with tea and setters, bowhunt in the evenings - just not possible in this life. JT, how do YOU do it? I think I need a job like yours........

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