Wednesday, October 04, 2006

back in the land of the living

Well, I’ve resurfaced, at least momentarily, just long enough to get out grouse hunting around Ithaca for an hour yesterday. My report is as follows:

It was easy to slip back into the mode of being a grouser, although one needs more time in the woods to really decompress and get into the “zone”. It was a little rainy and a bit warm, and a bit too brushy for my dogless jaunt through the coverts that have produced in the past. The foliage did redeem itself for interfering with my field of view by providing lots of color and the scents of autumn that make one want to go out regardless of the weather. The gun was heavy for one that weighs only 6# even, a sure sign I’ve been spending too much time typing instead of pushing through the woods. Lots went wrong, but I never fell like last time and it was a pleasure to not have to field strip the gun to get the mud out.

And lots went right too. Even without a flush it was worth every second. We hunt not to fill the bag but to fulfill the need for adventure, and there is always a misadventure near at hand in Marshall’s woods when the grouse are sneaking around.

Until the cold condenses the cover a little bit I’ll be hunting trails with my full choked goosed gun in hopes of swatting one for the pot (I guess I do hunt to fill the bag a little!). But I’m really waiting for the time to go mono-e-mono on the wing when I get a chance to surface again.

Hope you are all out spending time in the colors.


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Ernie said...

I was wondering what had happened to our friend that originaly hailed from the Lake Superior region of the great lakes. As you can see from all of the blogging Keith, JT and the gang are going to Black Lake to hunt the feathered friends of the duck family. I understand that there will also be some time spent hunting the pointy nosed woodcock as well as some grouse hunting on their way back. For myself me and a few of the members of BC hunt club will be heading to the thousand islands for a little fin and feather weekend. Colors up north should be at peak or a little past but whatever the colors are I know all will be enjoying a great weekend outdoors. I'm sure there will be plenty of posts come next week so stay tuned, and welcome back to the land of the living.