Friday, April 13, 2007

Steelhead Report

Updated April 10, 2007

Just as the spring steelhead fishing was turning on, winter returned to the Great Lakes. On some of the streams the fish were a little late getting started due to the slow warm up in March. Then we got slammed with snow and cold temps a week into April. We managed to catch steelhead every day despite the cold and snow. During that stretch the best fishing was in the afternoon; the warmest part of the day. Fish that were in the riffles and runs dropped back to the deep pools as the cold kept on. The best flies have been Cherry Blossum attractors in size 10 and small glow bugs in pale orange and pink. Before the cool down in temps and the water dropping , bigger flies in a variety of colors were working but pink ( Cherry Blossum) was the best.

Warmer weather is finally here and the fish will respond accordingly. As it continues to warm up steelhead will move back to the riffles and runs and become aggressive again. Next week should be outstanding. Since the past weeks weather stalled the spawning urge, the season will extend at least a week longer than usual. I will have steelhead in my streams till the end of April this year. Hang in there, the best fishing is yet to come.


Keith here...I will be in the Lake Ontario tribs again this weekend...any and all welcome to come along.

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