Thursday, June 21, 2007

BC Hunt Club Goes North

Well a few members of the BC Hunt Club made their yearly trip up north to Big Jims island for our traditional "Opening of Bass season/ Fathers day" celebration. This year we had a couple of members join us on this trip for the first time. Robert and Mason Thompson joined us and along with Big Jim gave us a fishing lesson. To the right of the dock is the old run about boat with a my 8hp motor that they used. To the left is Jims "Yellow Bananna" boat, as Mason called it, with a 40hp motor and trolling motor that I and Bob Henderson used to do our fishing. You will notice which group had the best fishing luck.
That smile on Mason's face was plastered there the entire weekend. He was a fishing fool the entire time running from the dock, to the point, standing in the boat, and in general casting his line constantly. I've never seen a kid take to fishing like Mason has. The feaver must have been hot because the third day after they returned, yesterday, Robert showed up at home with a new fishing boat in tow. Looks like Jim has gotten another family on the way to the poor house with the fishing feaver.
Other new members are John Casper, who worked with Jim and I for many years, along with his son Jessie and, soon to be, son in law Brian (no shirt) that came along for the festivities. While they didn't catch as many fish they did have some quality ones, as you can see.

Don't worry none of these fish were returned to the river harmed from being out of the water to long, in fact they wern't returned at all but rather they were the guest of honor at dinner Saturday night.
Kevin and his buddy Nate also caught a few good fish along with a nice Northern Pike to add to the dinner fare.
Oh well a good time was had by all and it was a lot of fun to watch. I for one will enjoy the memories of this fathers day for many years to come. Thanks to Jim for a great weekend, Mother Nature and God for the outstanding weather and fishing luck, Mason for making me laugh so much, Robert for being the great father to Mason that he is and the way he has raised him to listen to and obey adults , John and his gang for helping with the cooking and cleaning, and especially to my son Kevin for letting me be his Dad and enjoy experiances like this!


Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

awesome pics, awesome writeup. wish I was there! sounds like a great weekend.

KGT said...

Great write-up Ernie! Sounds liek a wonderful Father's Day weekend.