Friday, June 20, 2008

Gotland, Sweden: Towards Fishing for Aesthetics

Back in April I presented a paper at a conference in Stockholm and then took a few days to visit Gotland, a Swedish island out in the Baltic Sea (4 hours by ship). It was a beautiful place, and the sea-run brown trout were in the shoals and shallows. I tied into one, probably a 5 pounder or so, but lost it (most likely due to my inferior knot-tying) at the net. There were many rises, but as you can see from the footage and the stills, it was so calm that I fear my presentation spooked many more fish than enticed. Need some practice with the 8-wt. But damn, was it beautiful.


Yeoman said...

Very beautiful indeed. Thanks for posting the photos.

Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

Keith, I've watched your film footage three times, I don't see the fish you caught.

oh wait. just read your post.

heh heh


ps. but it shor was purty.