Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ducks and geese by the numbers... 1st installment

All risk-averse chatter aside, we have now put 20 ducks and 3 geese into the collective larder, as of the end of day 2. Yesterday's field hunt on Kuneytown land was a duck hunter's dream, where Rich blooded his new SXS shotgun and I happily pounded out long and lethal shots with my SXS 10 gauge. Today's hunt on the Moorehouse ponds was slower but Eric, making up for lackluster shooting yesterday, made every opportunity count and came away with a limit of mallards and geese. I had to console myself in the knowledge that I contributed with some effective, memorable and satisfying calling, and Brant made some really nice retrieves.

Having taken into consideration the Tantillo theorem, the Canoga Christmas included a brand new Bradley smoker... so soon, as was so convincingly argued and advocated for by the good Doctor,we will be sharing mercury poisoning with gleeful abandon across the land. Stay tuned for more updates.


Yeoman said...

I'll be looking forward to the updates.

Man, that sounds like quite a hunt!

Went out late yesterday myself. Lots of ducks and geese have been coming through, and I was the only one out. Problem was, however, that the arctic cold snap we're having put most of the birds way out in the water, with no way to retrieve them, so mostly, I just watched. Got one Gadwall.

Either I'm unconsciously apply Robert Ruark's views to waterfowl now days, or I'm just appreciating more shot, but I'm finding that I'm using my old BPS 10 gauge for all waterfowl nowdays. A lot of folks would regard this gun as obsolete, although they're still making it. I lack, however, a 12 gauge with a 3.5 in chamber. I have one, of course, with a 3 in chamber.

What's everyone else using for late season waterfowl?

Path Walker said...

2.75 in. 12 ga, steel 2s & 3s for ducks, BB for geese

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

10 ga bbs steel for ducks and geese in the field. Sometimes BBB or T for tall shots.

12 ga bbs or twos for ducks, 3 in. Black Cloud.