Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deer Rifle/Personality Test

Match the Grouser best captured with the phrase below with their appropriate longarm companion:

"Aesthetics, sir, are what hunting is all about.
Some may call you pompous, arrogant and downright vain ..."

"She (your rifle)
probably has a name like Lola, Marie or the always-eccentric Gen. Robert E. Lee ..."

You’re a weekend warrior. Don’t get me wrong, you love hunting, but it’s a hobby not an obsession."

You’re a hardcore hunting soldier and your rifle needs to be a tank."

While your take-it-slow methods may be maddening to the iPhone crowd, you never come home empty handed."

For answers, and a very funny article, click here.


Jim Tantillo said...

LOVE this. And I think Rich is the Model 70 guy.

By the way, my gun's name IS Robert E. Lee. (I named it after a famous mobile home salesman.) How did they know that?

Andy said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, funny guy. Except the Savage 111 -- he kind of kicked it in the shins. The gun we all should've bought. The firm that does the Miller High Life commercials could do the Savage ads. No glam crowd.

Anonymous said...

Funny the mismatch between theory and empirics. My rifle is a Ruger M77. in 7mm-.08. I believe Pete has the same rifle in .243.

good luck on turkeys tomorrow, y'all.

Andy said...

ha. I've got that one in .22 and .30'06

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

My gun's name is "Drilling." It is both versatile and beautiful, like my dog and my wife. These three things are as near to perfection as I can find in this world.

Jim Tantillo said...

My new gun doesn't pass the Tiball "vaguely related to hunting" smell test, but you can see a picture at Oh Maynard, My Maynard on a well-known not-hunting-related blog.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

I checked out your historical human hunting blog. I used to be an infantryman, a human hunter. Your gun appears to be an important link in the chain of militarily developed guns and related technology now employed to hunt other animals. Passes the smell test. More on that subject please, and congrats on your involvement with the team! Very, very cool... IMHO.

Speaking of-- seen the new ads touting the aforementioned gun technology legacy to encourage wider adoption of the M16/AR 15 as a hunting rifle? Bizarre.