Sunday, May 09, 2010


May 8th Danielle turned twelve and was able to start hunting,to say the least I was very excited. we did some scouting around my shop but the turkeys were not active John was nice enough to invite us to hunt on the base so we planned a birthday hunt with John.You cant buy your license until you turn twelve so since I could not sleep anyway so I went to the shop at 2:30am and purchased Danielle's license a perk of being a license issuing agent. Danielle got up at 4am we got prepared for the hunt and were in the woods by 5am. It was a beautiful morning the turkeys were gobbling, grouse drumming and deer moving we had a great morning. turkeys gobbled alot on the roost we called a little to let them know we were there after they flew down it got quiet but we waited and kept calling and at 7:15 a hen showed up to our rightand a red head following her then another red head adrenaline started flowing we needed to reposition to get the shot I slowly moved back and got Danielle's gun pointed in the right direction John slid Danielle around and we were ready the hen and first jake went by and got behind a tree then the second jake came into view so Danielle took aim and had to wait for him to put his head up he lifted his head and then dropped it again darn we have to wait then up came his head and BANG Danielle's first turkey and first kill wason the ground.A perfect shot head and neck it was one of my proudest moments and a memory I will treasure forever. Well enough talk check out these pics.

Take a kid hunting! See you in the field. Eric and Danielle


Dr. Dirt said...

Great memories and great pictures! Congratulations Danielle.

Anonymous said...

Danielle and Eric,

Big time huzzah for the both of you (especially Danielle)!

Jim Tantillo said...

that's awesome. great moment and great writeup. love it that YOU couldn't sleep, Eric. fantastic job, thanks for the photos.

Path Walker said...

Good going youngster and oldster. Wonderful bird, great smiles.