Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Montana outdoorsmen blog?

Hello all - The move and adjustment to Montana has been treating me well. The learning curve is steep. Simply choosing a direction, any direction, to start exploring is daunting. Missoula has been welcoming and the streams cooperative ever since the record-breaking snowfall finally retreated. Between fishing trips and visitors to town, I've been weaseling my way into a few different groups out here, among them the HHA. In addition to a simply badass name, the group seems to be a very active, very forward-thinking group of conservationists bent on spreading the message and giving voice to outdoorsmen concerned with protecting Montana's vast, but surprisingly threatened, natural resources. One of their more recent projects is a blog, found here. Their goal is to draw traffic with hunting/fishing stories, but also as a platform for steering hunters/anglers toward current conservation issues. As for political influence, their legal structure allows for "accountability" of office-holders and agencies, but not outright politicking or advocacy for certain candidates, as you'll see. I share it here for your feedback. It's a new endeavor, with motivations right up "our" alley, and a work-in-progress; your thoughts would be appreciated! Hope you all are well and wish you luck in the woods and in the blinds!

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Anonymous said...

I've heard great things about MT, wildlife-wise. Good for you. As for Hellgate's blog, I like it alot -- informative and intelligent, with enough entertaining hood and bullet stories to appeal widely among sportsfolks. It's a good model for others (other states/provinces/regions) to follow. Thanks,
- PW