Friday, June 29, 2012

Sierra Club Supports Indigenous Peoples' Right to Be "Ecologically Indiscriminate and Unnecessarily Inhumane"

The Sierra Club's new policy on trapping marks it as "ecologically indiscriminate and unnecessarily inhumane" ... but supports the rights of "indigenous people" to do it.

So, the Sierra Club disavows a proven tool in protecting endangered species and sustaining healthy ecosystems. More galling is the condescension inherent in the Sierra Club not holding indigenous people responsible to uphold a Sierra Club-approved standard of civilized society. In their defense, maybe the Sierra Club just thinks that the indigenes can trap ethically/environmentally using their magical primitive powers.

Sierra Club has struck a mighty blow in support of both anti-environmentalism and the Noble Savage Myth!

Bravo Sierra Club. Bravo.

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