Monday, October 15, 2012

Grouse Odyssey 2012

Rich promises a write-up (as in "Right . . . yup"), so here's a couple of pics from last week's Odyssey.

Here's Phoebe with her sire Bandit on the left and littermate Daisy in the middle.
That's littermate Daisy, not illiterate Daisy

Here's our pirate flag.  Rich will explain.
Long may she wave

Here's Rich still working and not following through on his God-given right to relax on his God-given right to enjoy a weekend/vacation.  We cured him of that with good old-fashioned ridicule. 
Rich not relaxing

Here's Rich in Munising, MI.  After he relaxed.
Rich relaxing.  Feel better now Dude?

I think that's about it for photos right now.


Anonymous said...

Well thankyou there, Mr. el jefe. I did not take any pics worth posting on the trip to MN. Got into plenty of timberdoodles -- big flights were in. Did you'ns stay in the Michgan bar to watch the rest of the game, Tigers defeating Yanks in 12? Would've been great culture observation opp for Dr. Richie Feller, but perhaps hard to take for a Yank fan.
Looking forward to the long story.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Did you get any birds?

Anonymous said...

I carried a gun last Fri & Sat, got some wc but missed my only shot at a grouse. Had a MN grouse donated for science -- combine it w/ RF's and JT's science bouty from WI/MI?

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Nice on the woodcock. Pete and I went out last week and flushed a few pointed grouse (no shots-- too leafy) but nary a woodcock.

No science birds from the Argonauts. Some Horsec*@k about lack of freezers, blah blah blah.