Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dispatch from Fort Gusty, New York

 An element from the Pennsylvania detachment linked up with "Team Terminator" Canoga, NY for a joint field exercise which included an aquatic search and destroy of  Aythya Americana, Aythya marila, and Bucephala clangula americana (divers), as well as suppression of Branta canadensis (BC).  21 divers and accomplices including puddlers and a snow goose were destroyed.  22 BC were terminated over a 72 hour period at Fort Gusty. A complete report will follow, contributed by members of the Pennsylvania detachment.

Fort Gusty Defensive Position
Fort Gusty battlefield photo at the end of day one.

Successful search and destroy mission for divers.


Anonymous said...

I thought that body counts were no longer accepted mission success measures.

Hearts and minds, what about the hearts and minds?!


KGT (aka Cagey) said...

If you don't have body counts, then hearts and minds will have to do.

Not a lot of nutrition in hearts and minds, though.

And I am always hungry.

De oppresso liber.