Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another passing of time

Did any one of you notice Cagey's attempt at letting another year slip by unnoticed? Guess what the gig is up!

Happy --th birthday Cabin Boy, hope ypu have many more! By the way how was the skiing, not too hard on the old bones I hope!

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Cagey said...

Thanks Ernie. I really appreciate it.

I am sore as hell, but I gotta say, the 'Daks are pure paradise. What snow, what woods, what a great book store in Lake Placid (called "..."With Pipe and Book").

Absolutely precious family time.

One of my many crash and burns in the backwoods stuff resulted in a grouse flushing from under a snow covered spruce...it was riveting, especially since I had a collar full of very cold snow.

Thats 36 trips around the sun for me, for anyone counting.

Thanks again Ernie!!