Sunday, January 28, 2007

Danielle's First Rabbit Hunt

Although I was very sad to see waterfowling season end I was ready for a break from wallowing in the mud it was a miserable season weather wise.However now we are on to the fun of chasing those rascsly rabbits around and it is alot of fun with a good beagle and a great way to introduce young kids to hunting because of the action you get to move alot and hear the dogs on the chase and if you shoot like me there is plenty gunfire on a good rabbit hunt. Danielle is 8 and has been wanting to go rabbit hunting so we headed out this weekend with the Red Ryder and the beagle and had a great time. Danielle enjoyed kicking the piles to get the rabbits moving and then we let the dog take over and the hunt was on.We had a great hunt taking 2 rabbits behind the house and then finishing up at the Tidball Canoga Creek Conservancy also taking 2 rabbits It was a great day of hunting and family time whenever you can combine those two things it is a great day.

See you in the field Eric


Vicar(ious) said...

Nice to see some durned snow on the ground Eric, and nice to see your gal started out right. Trying to post my own this morning, but seem to be having technical difficulties. Only letting me respond to others instead of posting my own. Any ideas, you smart fellers?

Path Walker said...

Great pictures, Eric. I've been thinking seriously about adding a beagle to the quiver. In fact, a beagle stars in one of the kid's favorite bedtime stories. Your story only encourages me.
Rico, I was unable to post photos. Maybe email your post to el jefe and he can post it... or wait until he gets us on the new blogger. Does Red Breast come in 1.5L? The Bears aren't looking so good right now.

Cagey said...

Great Stuff. It was wonderful to see the excitement on Danielle's face, and to watch Dad orchestrate it all. Well done.

Yeoman said...

Neat photos.

Rabbits are a lot of fun to hunt, and all the more so for young hunters. This year, we're practically overrun with rabbits here, and my son, age 9, enjoyed the opportunity to get in a lot of shooting, followed by the fun of knowing that he provided several meals for us.

Again, neat photos.