Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big Game Ice Fishing

Friend and fellow big game fisherman Elon and your intrepid Cagey went for the big ones today on the frozen Cayuga. Full story below.

Keith on the frozen Cayuga ice pack.

Elon surveying the daunting "pressure crack."

Look at the size of that...cigar.

Celebrating the catch.



Eric said...

Great photos and impressive catch that will make a tasty dinner just be careful those pickerel have alot of bones. How much ice was there? We went rabbit hunting today it was agood day we bagged four rascsly rabbits.

See You in the Field or on the ice

Jim Tantillo said...

awesome pics. this is what grousers has been missing for far too long--fishing stories. oh yeah, I guess there was Rich's photo of the minnow his daughter caught, but that doesn't count--he's always hogging the credit. heh heh

Anyway, nice job and nice photos.

see you in the field or at the ballet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing pictures! Wish I could join you, if only for the fine ceegars.

Rich is going to bring up the compensation for your lost mojo battery when he travels to Ithaca next weekend. Sorry for taking so long to get that to you and my apologies for misplacing the frickin' battery.

Best to you and the fam and the lake,


Anonymous said...


Is that a bottle of ice wine sitting next to the hole?


KGT said...


Darn...I thought the nice Beretta over and under mysteriously lurking in my gun safe was compensation for the mojo battery...;).

Yep, ice wine...or was it port...memory's a little foggy.

Hope to see you soon Pete.