Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cast n' Blast Weekend

Not a bad weekend. Spent Friday on the famous Pere Marquette River out of Baldwin Michigan fishing for Steelhead. Although we got chased off the river a couple times due to nasty thunder/lightning storms, it was a great day on the river. We hooked into several steelhead and landed a few including the one pictured.

Had dedicated Saturday and Sunday to bagging my first, self guided, turkey. While the story of this years harvest isn't as spectacular as last years, its just a memorable. Worked several roosting goobler this morning, with several working close, but not close enough. Unfortunately, birds just quit talking after 7 am, which made things more difficult. Switched locations in the afternoon, which seemed to have less hunting pressure. Set up my blind and decoys around 11:45 and sat quiet until 1. Had a hen work in behind me, but had no suitors in tow. After she vacated the area I made a few yelps on the slate and then shut up. About 1:30 I thought I notice something red about 60 yds down the hill from where I'd set up. And then it moved! Here comes a Tom!! Since it was slightly down him from my location it was tough to see at times and I had to stand up in the blind to tell if it was still there. It was, but it wasn't all that active, and didn't seem to notice the decoys. Should I call or shouldn't I, I debated this for a while. The real birds were less than 30 yards from the decoys. I thought they could see them for sure. Finally gave in and made a few soft yelps on the slate. It wasn't long and I notice the bird coming up hill toward the deecs. Next I knew there were 3 red, white and blue heads coming up the hill! 3 Jakes! They worked right in and check out the decoys, but stayed bunched up so I couldn't shoot without taking all 3. They eventually moved toward another set of decoys I'd set up and spread out enough where I could take a shot. The middle bird got a taste of Mr. Benelli and the Winchester Supreme Turkey Loads. With a 15 yard shot the bird dropped on the spot! Lots of lesson learned this turkey season, but it ended successfully.
My next posts should be from the Dark Continent. Leave May 9. Back June 10. Kiddies go home on June 5. Plan to do some Francolin hunting June 6, 7, and maybe June 8.
Til then
Safari Jim


Vicar(ious) said...

SJ: glad you got the middle one.
Which one were you aiming for?
Nice going, fella.

Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

two words.

Mr. Benelli.

KGT said...


Have a great trip to Africa. I won't be joining you this year so say hello to the crew.