Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wet-wading...not on purpose

Thanks for the invite to the blog, guys. And in my first post, I will embarrass myself further and publicly:

Rich came into town last week for a defense and a few meetings. We squeezed in our meeting Friday morning...on Spring Creek, of course. Caddis and BWO coming off and we managed to pull in a few. Rich came with stealhead flies (only thing in the vest after the Salmon River?) and after a good hour of nymphing was interested in borrowing a couple dries from me. Being the good host that I am, I decided to leave the hole I was fishing (despite having caught 4 on the surface in a matter of minutes) to deliver the bug-o'-the-day: a griffith's gnat. Somehow, on my way to the bank I managed to find the most slippery rock in spring creek which led to the deepest hole upstream of Bellefonte. Yep, I went in - right up to my chin. Despite the warm weather we've been having, that water was freakin' cold!! My phone went through a few fits but seems to be no worse for the wear. First time I've ever gone in like that and I had to do it on the smallest, most tame stream around -- with people watching. Figures.

And I feel obligated in my first post here to fashion a haiku about the experience:

Hooky on a stream;
Trout rise to a buggy fly.
Sharing leads to bath.

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Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

attaboy Metcalf
welcome to the grousers blog
swimmin' with fishes