Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Morels prove that animals do have rights

With little success on the turkey front (and little effort), I've turned my attention to the "other meat." While gardening on Saturday I noticed a mushroom poking from the base of a rock wall. Then another. Morels! Since this picture was taken, I've collected several more(ls), all awaiting their fate in hot butter with tonight's meal. Kids, we're going vegetarian!
This is clear proof that Tantillo's aesthetic arguments concerning pointy dogs, fine guns and shooting grouse on the wing are 100% wrong. Discuss, preferably using haiku.


Vicar(ious) said...

Well, I'd Haiku, but
Metcalf intimidates me.

Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

the morel of the story
setters get more grouse

KGT said...

Did the kids help in the hunting?