Monday, November 30, 2009

Quality Deer Management


Swamp Thing said...

Purina deer chow? What happened to planting & managing your land for quality deer production?

Nothin' but glorified bait.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Swampthing... does the phrase hook, line, and sinker mean anything to you? :)

Whether or not "Purina Deer Bait" is actually bait isn't the point,; the Philosopher is baiting Grousers into talking about baiting, a favorite discussion/pass-time of his. Resist! Fight the power! Don't take the bait!

jelly donuts for bears = peanut butter for mice...discuss.

The Master Baiter said...

Mr. KGT,

Swamp Thing has a point. Real hunters would put the time and effort into planting annuals and perennials that generated bait on an ongoing, natural and organic (and by organic I mean only using carbon-based fertilizers and pesticides) manner.

Buying bags of Purina Deer Bait is a spit in the face to the split-rail values championed by Saint Aldo (you know, that guy who wounded deer by taking 50 yard shots with his homemade self-bow and arrows whittled from driftwood). St. Aldo devoted a WHOLE CHAPTER of his epic tome "A Bland County Almanac" to the need for REAL hunters to grow their own bait piles.

As Always,

Mr. Baiter