Friday, January 21, 2011

Wicksall setter breeding planned

I know most of you guys with two year old dogs aren't in the market for a new pup, but perhaps some of our intrepid readers may be interested. The dam is a litter mate of my Phoebe. Here's the info:
I’m responding to let you know that a breeding is planned for late Feb. with pups ready to go in late June. I have attached pics of my Daisy and her sire Bandit who I also own. She’s the one next to me but as you can see the two are carbon copies. I have also attached a pic of the sire I plan to use for the breeding, Ben, who is owned by a guy that works in the same office I do. Both have passed the Penn-Hip with flying colors and Daisy is registered with FDSB, Ben will be within a month. Ben is a great uncle of Daisy which I want so I can hopefully have access to this same bloodline in the future. I do not plan to keep a pup but the sire’s owner wants first pick.

I’m taking reservations now and asking $550 and $600 with $100 down to hold a pick. I’ll refund the $100 if you change your mind but it’s the only way to develop a priority list for those serious about it. There are a few others ahead of you but you would be pretty high on the list at this point. I don’t anticipate them lasting long since I recently heard that several other breeders in the L.P. including both Bandit’s and Ben’s breeders are not planning any spring litters.

I can send Daisy’s pedigree but I need to scan it in which I have not done yet. I have the pedigree of one of Ben’s littermates if you want it but his will not be available until he is registered. This bloodline has quite a mix including Bondue and some Llewellyn. The line was developed by a group of woodcock banders in Mich. who wanted close working, cautious dogs. That’s what you will get- these dogs don’t range much over 50 yds. in the thick stuff but will stretch it out on the Montana prairies when they can see the handler better. There is no field trial in this line. The offspring should run 40-55 lbs. and if they are like their parents they will be very personable. I want them to go to hunters only but they make great family dogs too. My two greet my whole family every morning and act like they haven’t seen us for a month the way they carry on.

Feel free to call me at work or home if you wish to talk more. Also let me know if you want the pedigrees and hip results. I also have more pictures- Ben made the cover of the MI hunting guide in ’08 with his owner and owner’s two daughters (bottom photo).

Daisy is owned by Jim Caron of the Michigan DNR, in Crystal Falls, Michigan (U.P.), and I can put anyone who's interested in touch with Jim. thanks everybody.


Anonymous said...

for us folks w/ 2 yr-old dogs, this is one to keep an eye on for a repeat breeding down the road. I've heard Ben's a good one.
- PW

Anonymous said...

I too have a Wicksall Setter. I picked her up from Sally Downer last spring. For a six month old pup, she really did a nice job for me on woodcock last year, and even found a couple of grouse. I really like her and would be interested in having the breeding information you mentioned for future prospects. Thanks!

Jim K