Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mountain Lion Hunting in the Cascades vol. 1

First day of a 4 day hunt for mountain lion in Washington State (Mt St Helens area, Toutle River Valley)... no lions, but lots of elk and blacktail deer today. Had the crosshairs on two different shooter bulls at 100 or so yards. What a rush, even though season is closed.

That's Mt Ranier above, and Mt St Helens in the background below. Saw some cougar sign in the clear-cuts, but no lower elevation snow means tough hunting. Spot and stalk mixed with liberal predator calling set-ups in likely areas. At least the scenery is trophy-class.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I've heard&read the cats are pretty tasty if treated right from moment of kill (like bear -- skin out and cool carcasse ASAP). I hope you get a fat one. While you're there, ask around about pairing wines w/ cougar. Good luck,
- PW

Jim Tantillo said...

Man, what's the occasion? is this a dedicated hunting trip, or are you combining work with pleasure? at any rate, looks like a great time. how about mountain lion camp next year?

Yeoman said...

When was this?

We're getting -30F weather here, and I'd think it would have to at least fairly cold out there. Was this a while back?

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

PW- Everybody here says Cougar is delicious. Wine-wise, I was thinking either a "Fat Cat Cellars" merlot or a classic New York State Pink Pussy cat wine (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcXVHm_zAPE)

JT- 40th bday, compliments of loving wife. Mountain lion camp? Hitler will be PISSED. There are grouse here though, funny, fat blue ones.

Yeoman- It is happening now, in real time. It is fairly cold, as you surmise, but no where near -30F.

Yeoman said...

Wow. I'm envious.

Cat is tasty? I would never have guessed.

Blue grouse, by the way, are excellent. If the season is open, I highly recommend them.