Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grousers in Vegas, Baby!

Sorry for the tardy report, but just wanted to let you know that Grousers were well represented (okay, just represented) at the world’s largest firearms and hunting trade show - the SHOT Show – held in Las Vegas in January. Path Walker ran the Ruffled Grouse Society information booth, providing show goers a wealth of information about wildlife and habitat conservation challenges and opportunities. He also showed himself to be a top salesman of RGS 200th Anniversary Special Edition Magazine (with a reprint of an editorial by RGS first president, John Quincy “Road Hunter” Adams.

Joshua also attended the show because, well … I’m sure he had good reasons.

Anyway, after a hard days work, PW and Joshua dined at a very nice restaurant - Bouchon. Appetizers were excellent, but the entrees couldn’t hold a candle to a number of grouse camp specialties such as Pete’s Braised Woodcock Legs or Andy’s Basque Woodcock.

After dinner, which did include a flight of nice port and a quite good profiterole, PW and Joshua took a romantic stroll along a Venetian Canal, window shopping for high fashion accessories. A stop at a rare-book store convinced Andy that maybe his family’s first edition Jungle Book might not be the best thing to have his kids use as a chew toy.

All in all, an epic Grousers visit to the City o’ Sin. Enjoy the photographic evidence.

Andy manning the Ruffled Grouses booth.

Andy manning the fork.

Andy manning the Venetian canals (O GrouserSolo Mio?)

Joshua searching for the next Grousers Fashion Trends.

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Jim Tantillo said...

great writeup, Josh. But why does Joshua write in the third person? mysterious . . .