Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mountain Lion Hunting in the Cascades vol. 3

Hemingway says (about Africa) that "what's true at first light is a lie before noon." I learned some about that yesterday, and apparently so did my guide. It was announced this morning that we would henceforth focus upon the low country for cougars and other fur-bearers. Adaptive learning at its best.
My "guide" showed me an area on my map (good thing I brought that) where locals were reporting a marauding cougar. I was dropped off at an old logging tote road, and bid a good day. This is the luxury of the bonus payments for 1 x 1 hunts. But the wilds were mine, and I planned to enjoy myself, come hell or high water.

I came close to scoring on coyotes twice, but was lukewarm on the idea of shooting them. I saw bald eagles, flushed a grouse, jumped some black tail deer, a dozen mallards on some ponds, and
saw lots of good elk sign. I also saw what was later confirmed to be cougar scat.

I also killed a porcupine. I had come around a bend on an old logging road and there about 100 yards ahead was a furry creature moving about. I hoped bobcat, but an inspection with the 3 to 9 scope showed it to be a porcupine. I was told by my illustrious guide that while on timber company land (which I was -- the Weyerhaeuser St. Helens Tree Farm) I should be sure to shoot any porcupines I encountered. This poor fellow died instantly from a 7mm wsm at 145 yards. His quills will make many flies by a local fly tier.

Tomorrow is my last hunting day.

I hope to return to this area along the Toutle River, not only for the hunting, but to scout the Trout fishing.


Vicar(ious) said...

A cascades "guide", quite subpar
On a slippery ridge drove too far.
with the vehicle stucked,
the hunt: clusterf*cked.
miles from scotch and cigar.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

whoa. Great limerick.