Sunday, June 04, 2006

Will Roy Warriner Keep Crown as World Champion Black Fly Hunter?

This is what enquiring minds need to know. We're on the edge of our seats. The hunt results are due in from Northern Ontario.

Here are the details from last year's hunt:

Roy Warriner Keeps Crown as World Champion Black Fly Hunter

June 4, 2005 South River, ON

The Black Fly Hunt in South River is over and the results show Roy Warriner from Trout Creek, Ontario repeats as 2005 World Black Fly Hunting Champion. Roy collared an impressive 3213 black flies during the 4 week spring Black Fly Hunt in the Almaguin Highlands.

Roy caught his black flies in a net while doing yard work over the past few weeks. His total was almost 500 more than the 2735 he caught to first win the crown in 2004.

Roy echoed the comments of the majority of hunters in this year’s hunt, finding it more difficult than last year to catch black flies.

Chris Hundley mayor of South River (near the northwest corner of Algonquin Park) declared, “It’s quite a bit safer to be outdoors in South River and the Almaguin Highlands this summer,” as he thanked all hunters for their efforts and invited Canadians to discover their Canadian nature this summer.

This year seventeen enthusiastic hunters captured 10, 607 black flies in what has become the unofficial opening of tourism season in Canada.

Doug Currie, curator of entomology at the Royal Ontario Museum was a guest speaker at the weekend’s festivities celebrating a biting insect he is internationally renowned for studying. “Black flies get a bad rap, but their presence indicates clean, clear water and they contribute significantly to a healthy ecosystem.” The fact that there are enough to hunt bodes well for the health of nature-based tourism economies of Canada’s northern communities.

Top 5 Black Fly Hunters for 2005:
Roy Warriner, Trout Creek, ON: 3213
Peter & Elizabeth White, Laurier Tnsp, ON: 2228
Mike Huffman, South River, ON: 2195
Sandy Zimmerman, Pickerel Lake, ON: 1600
Rusty Perkins, Restoule, ON: 749

Jim here: sounds like rollicking good fun, I say we enter a team next year!


Ernie said...

Do we have to go to Canada for this or can we start one around here? Cabin boy would have an advantage since he has all the animals around to bait them in. Lets make sure that we seperate the horse flies out as we all know that they hang around horses a--holes, right cabin boy?

Jim Tantillo said...

ah, but is baiting black flies sporting or just flat out wrong? discuss.

KGT said... I being asked for fly and ass expertise here, or have I missed something.

walk like an egyptian said...

old desert proverb: fly on the ass is safer than ass on the fly

Ernie said...

Well KGT you have more of each around your place than any of us so I would think that you would be the expert on both subjects. Can we change this to deer flies? Was down at the ranch yesterday and was bombarded by them. Is the lack of deer in the area causing them to seek out and inflict harm on us dear humans or is it just blood lust?

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!