Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He's Alive!

Well we have finaly officialy heard from Joshua verifying his earlier post as mr. "anonymous" and claiming ownership of the "neuron- based database" that lead to the posting of information pertaining to true identification of his puppy. Now that we have settled that it is time to award the secret prize package that was offered earlier. Are you ready for this Josh?

You have won a non transferable gift for two, or more (two legged or four) to a weekend getaway evening a location known to all as "Beer Camp" near Canoga NY. This evening is to be shared with any and all active members of the BC Hunt Club and also includes an honorary membership to the club. This weekend getaway prize can be claimed by contacting either Cabin Boy or myself, to announce when you will be graceing us with your presence. There is no time limit to collecting this prize but I think that I speak for all in that we look forward to BS'ing with you around the campfire ASAP. Congradulations on winning and hope to see you and your cute, cuddly, loveable, little ball of fur soon.
There Keith, I said it for you, so you don't have to and hopefully JT is now cringing on the floor from sugar overdose!


Joshua said...

I, I, I don't know what to say!

I just want to thank all the members of the Academy and all the people who made this joyous occassion possible.

bla, bla, bla ...

Hey Ernie, what is the proper gift to bring the host of BC? A sixer of Golden Anniversary? An old chair suitable for demolishing and tinder-making? KGT stories?

Jim Tantillo said...

oh my god, Ernie, you're gonna need chapstick if you keep this up -- so to speak.

Ernie said...

No need to bring anything other that an empty hand to hold a can and a full "neuron-based database" full of stories, lies and jokes to share around the campfire. Despite cabin boys mockery of my taste in refreshment and seating arrangments he has "almost always" had his brand availabe for him to consume in the mass quantities he is capable of. Seating can be a little bit hairy from time to time and is always based on a first come first served basis so just plan on getting there early and you can probably get a recliner.
JT what can I say to you? In person you come off as this nice good natured well spoken person that deep down inside you realy are. Get a blog and a keyboard in front of you and you turn into a tempestuos, mealy-mouthed criticaster of the ugliest deportment. Again I ask, Wat's up wit dat?

Jim Tantillo said...

OUCH! well, damn, I guess you sure told me..., Sugar Lips.

KGT said...

Wow, the vocabulary meter on this post is going haywire. Particularly liked criticaster.

I got no qualms about the silver or the service at chez BC...I give it 5 stars and get there as often as I can.