Monday, September 25, 2006

We have a winner!

The winner of the game is none other than the infamous Vassili, aka Frank Zappai, JT, etc, etc and confirmed by Little Billy on this weekends attempted goose hunt. Deep in the bowels of the post by Mr. JT, and in responce to Cabin Boys use of the Websters dictionary, Little Billy confessed to being the one in JT's antiquicated photo thus fessing up to being the infamous Kite Killer, aka Bullhead Bill, aka Little Billy. In Bills defence he has graciously replaced said kites with brand new ones that performed flawlesley later in the day of the afformentioned goose hunt. That's right Bill you and Keith left a little bit too early as the geese did arrive and land right in with the new kites you left behind. One bird was bagged for each kite so the landowner is greatfull for the contribution. Vassili now gets a total of 30 points for bringing the identity our mystery guest to light.
Now for a new game! Joshua likes to ask a lot of questions of all of the bloggers, but does not particulary like to respond. "Need Imput- Family Planning" went on with several readers participating with many good comments, 23 in total, despite having to look at the cross dressing racoon with each responce. To that we received only a picture showing puppies with a decoy and the comment as to which puppy would be his. Despite inquiring and enquiring minds requests for information there has been no feedback from Joshua as to breed, name, date of ownership etc. that his fellow bloggers requested. I ask "Wat's up wit dat?" For 20 points can anyone positivly identify the breed in question. There has been speculation, but no confirmation made by Josh to date. For an additional 20 Points can anyone answer Superior Shooters question as to the name of said puppy. To receive ponts you must explain how you received such intimate information from Josh. Finaly 50 points will be awarded to the individual that can identify whatever that creature was in the picture that Joshua posted when he announced "Breed Selected".


Anonymous said...

I am soo the winner:

1. Boykin Spaniel (20 points)

2. Stella (20 points)

3. Chinese hairless with a case of exzema and cataracts. (50 points)

I retrieved the answers by accessing his neuron-based database.

What do I win?

Sincerely Yours,

The Soon-To-Be-With-Dog

Anonymous said...

AAAArrrnt! wrong on the name -- I personally called up Joshy boy and he told me the name of the new pup is Snowflake. Sooooo, Mr/Ms S-T-B-W-Dogge, minus 20 for wrong answer, and knock off another 50 for cheatin. People like you aren't fit to have a dog!
See where your net-20 takes you.

Ernie said...

OK, now that we have the attention of all of the anonymous people out there we should go over a few ground rules. No bitting, clawing, hair pulling or name calling. Contest results will be awarded once we hear from the true owner of said puppy, who so happens to be Joshua, not some unknown individual named "anonymous". Upon completion of the contest the winning prize will be announced and only then will a true winner be declared.

Besides no one would name a black dog Snowflake and no one from the DC area would ever, ever, ever copy Marlin Brando key phrase in Streetcar Named Desire, STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Ernie said...
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Joshua said...


Totally unfair that you exclude me form the contest only AFTER I win it fair and square.

Mrs. Boogers came in a close second for the dog's name, BTW.

KGT, I got the books today. Much thanks.

KGT said...

WOW! All I know is that Ernie has effectively BURST onto this blogging scene with a top notch rookie performance. Its one thing to comment, quite another to POST. Nice work Ernie.

I am very happy for both the new dogge and its owner(s). Thats all I will say, 'cause the homophobic anti-sensitivty nazis will blast me for weeks (you know who you are...) if I gush like I would prefer to.

Anyway, we can all agree that a new huntin' dog is a very good thing. Here's to Stella.

Anonymous said...

Not to disrupt the thread, but

... Thanks to Ernie for a great goose hunter's breakfast, AND for not kicking me out of the spread despite my rather spring-like green camo.

..I thought the geese wouldn't notice someone dressed like a giant asparagus -- go figure.


Anonymous said...

Stella, huh? In Maine that would be spelt "Stellar". I'm sure she'll be Stellah retrievah.
See, that's what's nice about "Snowflake" -- no confusion about the spelling... other than if it's one word or two.
- P.W. Ovejwkbi