Saturday, December 09, 2006

Early Duck Season Ends

Well the first season of 2006 has ended and it was a good one.I look foward to some stories about all the duck and goose slaying that went on this fall. Nick and I had a great season but one hunt remains the most memorable. It was opening weekend and we had a great morning taking a mixed bag of mallards, teal, wood duck and even a pintail. My cousin hit a nice drake mallard and it fluttered down two ponds over so Nick and the two of us went after it. We worked the pond hard and no duck but Nick kept coming back to one spot. I checked the weeds along the pond numerous times and told Nick the bird had left and pulled him off this spot to go in search of the bird. Finally we gave up Dave and I were standing there talking about what a great hunt we were having and Nick went back to that same spot again he was in water up to his chest and kept going in circles.Suddenly he plunged his head under water and after a few seconds of thrashing around under water he came up with Dave's Mallard. It was unbelievable he knew it was there the whole time the instinct and scenting abilities of these dogs is unbelievable. Thanks to Nick we had a great season.

See you in the blind


KGT said...

Yet another Nick shot. Great story!

Yeoman said...

My one and only story is this.

I took my son with me to a parcel of river property I own on the North Platte. We jumped some ducks, I missed twice, and he knocked one down with his .410 (Bismuth shot). He's nine.

I couldn't be happier.

And we had roast mallard for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yeoman,

Despite your lack of birds in the bag, your son's success is a beautiful thing! Congrats to you both, and Happy Holidays!

Eric said...

Yoeman, Great work with your son. I have an eight year old daughter that is showing interest in hunting. She has accompanied me many times but has not done the shooting yet, she is pretty good with her .22 on the targets.Next year I will need to get her a .410. Great work and keep your son hunting