Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Good Week Hunting

A Good Week Hunting.JPG
Originally uploaded by frankzappai.
I'm experimenting with my daughter's new digital camera and with blogging directly from Flickr. I have it on good authority that the third bird from the left is a merganser.


Anonymous said...

Kendall just received a kiddy digicam for christmas. We have yet to download any of her pics. The viewer on the camera is so grainy, I wasn't optimistic about the quality of the pics, but your photo is encouraging. A canvasback! Congrats.


Eric said...

Nice Merg is it a Hooded or lesser or maybe its in the greibe family.Hope to see you in the blind before season is over. I'll shoot those mergs with you.


Anonymous said...

looks like the makings of a good feast. Let us know how the can eats.

- Hungry PW