Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More goodies from the archives

This one also appeared in December of 2005. Enjoy.

Let's Have Some Fun: You Provide the Caption

Hey lads,
Let's experiment with what I'd like to call, an "interactive feature." :-) I provide the photo, and you all provide a caption and/or description of what's going on.

I'll start:

(1) "This is a picture of Keith trying to stay tuned up in between the first and second duck seasons."


Ernie said...

Wrong caption, reasons why!
1- As all of us know Cabin Boy is fond of hunting items that have aged properly and the boat, motor and trailer appear way too new for Keith to own.
2- He is holding a pump gun. As we knoow he does not own a gun that is capable of shooting more than 2 shots, and that includes the majical gun of mystery.
Based on these observations the only appropriate title that could go along with this picture would be: "Keiths evil double in his new boat motor and trailer with his newly purchaced 1972 multi shoot pump gun preparing for a field hunt from the dozer pile". No one told him that you don't need a boat to go duck hunting in the field!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Nice ones ernie...especially liked the "only two shots" cracks.

Now, if i coould only find that evil twin double of mine...I really like that antique motor on his boat! :)