Monday, March 12, 2007


Iwould be careful dangling those toes in the water if I was you.Check out this Northern 54" 44 lbs. was caught on a 10lb. northern. Imagine reeling in a nice 10lb. pike thinking how cool it is and having this monster attack it like a shark. The fish would not let go and the angler landed both fish how awesome is that.So just think about these pics when you go swimming this summer or dangle those toes in off the dock.

See You on the Water Eric

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Ernie said...

Nice fish, where was this monster caught? I had a similar experiance on the St. Lawrence once when I caught a 8" bass, and while not knowing it was on the line a 36" muskie came up and grabbed onto it. I was using a small #2 gold hook, no leader, 6 lb. test mono on an ultralite rod, boy was that ever fun! With much coaxing to Big Jim he netted the muskie on the first pass by the boat. When we set the net on the deck of the boat, with lots of tension still on the line, he opened his mouth and out popped the bass, completly uninjured. Nedless to say the bass was given a kiss and both he and the Muskie were returned to the river to be caught again another day. Boy did we ever have a ton of laughs that day and many times since then when recounting the event. This guy will have years of stories about this, but unlike me, he also has the advantage of pictures to back it up. Nice story and good pics Eric. Thanks for the post!