Tuesday, March 27, 2007

...a moment of silence

Double Black has gone
mourning its ice out demise
a drake canvasback


Ernie said...

Say it's not so! Mike O and I were just down visiting with her on Saturday. She looked a litle weathered and tired from the winter months and was listing slightly towards the lake but nothing like you show here. Maybe if we get the doctors in to take a look at her and possibly recomend a little re-constructive surgery might she be able to pull through? It will be a dark day if we have to put her to rest, so many good times and pictures both mental and physical took place in her that I cannot bear the thought of letting her slip into the abyss! Let's put our mourning aside for now and see what can be done to save her, what do you say all?

Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

I don't think I can lecture this morning--I'm taking the rest of the day off to recover.

My condolences. But I'm sure Double Black will rise again!

Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

Cayuga ice out -
canvasbacks nervously eye
the ruined duck blind

KGT said...

I looked at the blind again yesterday afternoon...I think the best we can hope for is to salvage reusable parts. She is structurally "totaled."

Anonymous said...

Can you at least save the balls Doc?!

Anonymous said...

Double Black is a state of mind that can't be eroded by Cayuga's waters. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about plywood and 2x4's.

Perhaps it is time for Double Black II ("Double Double"?).

Mr. Bill

Ernie said...

In looking over the head of the drake Canvasback it appears that the Wispering Pines blind and the illegaly placed blind also took a hit. If we are truly giving up on ole double black I have a bunch of pressure treated wood from when they took off my porch to build the garage that I would be willing to donate to the cause. Let me know if your interested and one time when I'm down that way and it gets a bit dryer i'll bring it along.

pathwalker said...

is this kind of early for ice out?

KGT said...

The Balls will be saved.

I think this is about normal for ice out here.

Given the state of the other blinds down the marsh, I'd say there is ALOT of available salvage material. I am thinking of "recycling" the illegal blind somewhere in the interior of the marsh...seeing how it says property of George Pataki...I'm sure he won't mind.

Thanks for the offer Ernie...I am with Bill...Double Black is a state of mind. We shall rebuild.