Monday, February 04, 2008

Organized Promiscuity

In Response to Safari's Post:

"The advertiser invents ideas, and ideas are seldom as honest as physical deserves special mention: the 'where-to-go' department. Knowledge of the whereabouts of good hunting or fishing is a very personal form of property. It is like rod, dog, or gun: a thing to be loaned or given as a personal courtesy. But to hawk it in the marketplace...seems to me another matter....All of these organized promiscuities tend to depersonalize one of the essentially personal elements in outdoor sports. I do not know where the line lies between legitimate and illegitimate practice; I am convinced, though, that the 'where to go' service has broken all bounds of reason." (Wildlife in American Culture)



Anonymous said...

sheesh, you couldn't haiku this????
Does this mean you will be handing out personal maps to all of Heb's Hackamatack Honey Holes?

vicarious said...

youse asked for it...

Dirty rotten cheats
sell hidden, cherished secrets
we earn with our boots.

Safari Jim said...

hunt Rich's coverts
GPS waypoints for free
get there before he

vicarious said...

Red Gods gnash their teeth,
watching the nimrod, fumbling
with his gadgetry.

Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

with their smug self-righteousness
hunt without gadgets

all I can say is
must get cold in the duck blind
without neoprene

KGT said...

varying atomic weight
still "all-natural"

fake haiku-ing
much like fake masticating
or masturbating

Safari Jim said...

living in the past
no gadgetry means miles hiked
sore feet and few birds

let gizmo point the way
less searching more time hunting
game pouch overflows

Anonymous said...

speaking of gadgets
hooray for beeper collars
bells are for sissies

Vicar(ious) said...

Hike for miles? Sore feet?
Invoking Reigel: "waaah, waaaaah"
the hunt IS the search


Grousers' Jim Tantillo said...

Rich is surely right
it's been said guns don't kill grouse
shoe leather kills grouse

Anonymous said...

As an ethics guy
My word on this is weighty:
Maps, schmaps – just wander.

Jim Tantillo said...

I'd say that's impact
sporting ethics brings out Josh
Mr. Ethics Man