Thursday, October 29, 2009

Historic photograph uncovered

Recently I assisted the significant other of a prominent grouser in the relocation of said grouser's personal collection of pressure-treated lumber and double-pane windows. For this act of charity I was granted the temporary loan of the following historic photo.

famous grouser

Please assist me now in figuring out what this grouser is doing. Is he:

(a) Training his own super breed of pokey dotted, ground-snuffling Andy Amman cows to work as a brace for serious work on grouse?

(b) Moving to the Finger Lakes region with the expressed intention of putting Cagey out of a job?

(c) Engaged in habitat manipulations in the FLNF to increase woodcock breeding success in one of Jim's favorite brushy pastures?


(d) other?


Path Walker said...

masterful post by the master.
Here's a little background on that photo. This pair of holstein bull calves was probably my 3rd team, and definitely my worst team. They were half brothers, names Sam and Spade. Can't remember who was who, but that near bull (one closest to me) was worthless, no moxie or brains. The off bull was a pretty decent critter, would've made a good ox, but I think they both went for beef fairly early. My other teams were 2 pairs of Brown Swiss, and another little pair of Holsteins (Buck and Star, twins, mostly black, smart and strong, had a good career in competitive pulling). I've still got the yokes.
They were one of many 4-H projects.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Hurray for 4H!!