Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phoebe near Kenneth, Michigan

Here's another pic from the trip.  Woodcock were spotty, as usual.  Had a good first day on the eastern U.P. and landed these three bogsuckers with Phoebe.

I must say I got to see good work on woodcock from Bill's dog Maya and also from Rich's Conley, he of the earlier Pillsbury Doughboy fame.

My GPS crapped out on me last week, so Pete, no coordinates for you.  Sorry.


Path Walker said...

Good going Pheobe! And great to learn of Maya's bird work. Same trainers w/ whom she spent time this summer (Forman Bros. in Prattsburgh, NY) handled another setter to win this year's Michigan Woodcock Championship (http://pinestrawsetters.blogspot.com/2010/10/charlie-wins-michigan-woodcock.html). Bill's smarter than you'd think! (don't let that PhD fool you)

Dr. Dirt said...

great going jim and pheobe. am just returning to earth so hope to see younes some time before season's end.Pk