Monday, October 25, 2010

Requiem for Herter's decoys

Yes, it's sad but true, Herter's decoys are no more. As reported on a number of hunting sites, including

In Herter's and KGT's honor, I spent some time yesterday repainting some Herter's 72s that were looking a little beat up. Better keep an eye on the Pennysaver and Craigslist for now on, 'cause they ain't making any more of these.

Cabela's is starting to garner a reputation as an evil empire. Hard to believe.


p.s. And in case anyone's wondering about the size of those neck bands . . . take a look at the videos on .


David said...

Nice work on those 72’s Jim. I have a dozen that are in dire need of paint, any chance I could commission you? Think I see a few Bean, coastal corks in my future. In the circle I run in Cabela’s is undoubtedly morphing into an evil empire.

Jim Tantillo said...

thanks. The hen decoy is my daughter's work, only had the base coat here, she finished it last night--I'll try to post a picture. the drakes got two coats of matte sealer last night.

cork decoys. hmmm.