Monday, October 18, 2010

We Hunt Where the Pavement Ends

It has come to some grousers' attention that other grousers consider Wisconsin to be a "second rate" suburb to Minnesota, and far below the great state of Maine as a desirable grouse camp location.

Be that as it may . . . we hunted hard all week, scouting some new coverts as well as revisiting some old ones. It was all good.

Here are some more pics.

Rich finds the wilderness

And a wilderness movie:

Finally, when you hunt where the pavement ends, bad things are bound to happen to your truck:

Tow dogge hooked up to truck

My rescuer celebrating my misfortune; aka
"Rich busting my ball joints"


Yeoman said...


Path Walker said...

Looks like the same pickup that tipped me out of a ditch in ME a few years back. Good thing you were hunting that gravel/pavement ecotone, and not 2 hours in this time!