Friday, November 19, 2010

McPhee: Feb 6, 1996 - Nov 19, 2010

McPhee has joined his hunting companions Abbey, Cody, Fiona, Ginger, and Taga on the other side.
He loved well the Wisconsin grouse woods; the big water, prairie potholes and coulees of Alberta; the rocky hills of Pennsylvania; and the marshes of the Finger Lakes country.

He gave us almost 15 years. He loved us and we loved him. We'll see you again, old pal.


Anonymous said...

Rich and Family,

I am so sorry to hear of McPhee's passing. On reading the post, I went back and looked at my pictures and video of him ... although I only hunted with him a few times years back, they were great hunts. I feel like I've lost him too.


Jim Tantillo said...

McPhee memories that stand out for me: him circling that tree south of Potomac Loop years ago, Katie long gone, and five minutes later Rich yelling "bird" as the grouse finally lost its nerve at the persistence of this yellow wonder.

A grouse camp years ago, where McPhee's tail was so sore from a week of wagging he basically had to travel standing up in the car for the 20-hour ride back home.

he was a real dogge.

Anonymous said...

McPhee's was a dog's life well lived. You picked the right pup, Rich. The story of McPhee's late season marathon duck retrieving session in Big Alberta Water certainly stands out.
- Path Walker

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

He was eager. He was a part of the epiphany that has manifested itself as Keith the hunter. He inadvertently almost ended my brief hunting career on a beaver pond in Main, for black ducks (that was the first of multiple near-death experiences involving yellow dogs, canoes, and black ducks). He brought joy to Double Black- he helped Fiona pass on to the great duck-blind in the sky with what was, for me, his most important retrieve, the day of Fiona's funeral by Cayuga Lake. The old boy had more "last hunts" than I probably will. To McPhee. Hear Hear.

Anonymous said...

Farewell to the old man. I'll remember his exuberance, up through his last trips afield.

Let's hope he has found a place with ducks in the morning, grouse in the afternoon, and a warm spot near the wood stove to lay his head down each night.

Mr. Bill

Dr. Dirt said...

What a wonderful old fella he became. Still full of all of his wall staring quirks, but with that amazing stamina. I loved him. Our family caries memories of his stays with Abbey and Cody. I carry memories of his grand leaps for the retrieved duck/pheasant/grouse that you "stole" from him. See you and the other great dogs on the other side McPhee!

Vicar(ious) said...

folks, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts and wishes.

to be remembered and remembered well...that's all any of us could ever ask.