Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Originally filmed on Ernie's couch...

Geico changed the image of the person on the couch to protect Jim's fragile emotions... Thank goodness for the loving support Jim get's from the dozer pile boys!


Anonymous said...

What did I do?

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Ernie/Yoda- You didn't do anything... just providing the fictional couch for Jim to lay upon being a cry-baby... which was a label I gave him (reminiscent of older posts, eh? see http://grousers.blogspot.com/2007/08/enough-already.html)as a rejoinder to his heaping coals upon my apparently easy-to-ridicule-in-absentia head. That post, (the coal heaping post) has been taken down (not suitable for all audiences?)...and with it the comment that would have made sense out of the Geico post...Jim took his marbles and went home I guess. But it was all washed away with some Evan Williams last night.

Tough hunting today--blue bird, no wind, geese all scrambled up and hokey. We scratched down three before realizing that we were all getting a sunburn and should get home to mow the lawn.

Happy New Year Yoda!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up, I was hoping I wasn't the one on the couch! The drill seargent is more my style anyways.
We were trying to figure out who it was mowing the lawn on New Years Eve. We thought it was coming fromm the west of us but with your admission here I guess mmaybe the wind was playing tricks on us.
Friday's hunt was the typical limit of geese with no ducks that we have been seeing since the opening day and again on the same alfalfa field. That afternoon though Mike O and Mason managed to scrathch out 2 ducks on the field that Thomppsons have been spreading mannure on. New years day was a bit diferent though with only 7 birds falling leaving us short of our limit. Sunday was even worse with only 1 goose for the day. Season total stands at 110 geese and 2 ducks so far. Today is a day of rest for both hunters and birds alike. May be a day to work on new cartoons!