Monday, December 13, 2010

Tagged Out

9 points
14 1/8 inside spread
very nice mass at the bases and throughout
easily my 2nd best deer to date
currently in third place in the Kuneytown Big Buck Challenge

Got a coyote earlier in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I thought you were practicing QDM at the farm - No?
- PW Oshify

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

I try. It is hard around here, though. Starting in archery, I passed on 5 different shooting opportunities with small bucks (4 on my farm and one on another).

This buck was definitely a shooter on my farm. Big bodied, too.

Anonymous said...

He IS a buck to be proud of. I got a doorstep doe, very fat. I'm done -- it's up to Ange now.
- PW Dusnests

Yeoman said...

I just posted this on the Wild Harvest website, but those here may find it more interesting yet.

For North Americans, this will likely come as a surprise, a BBC Four podcast (from their Food series) on venison.

Very interesting:

Maybe things are turning around a bit in some ways in the UK in terms of hunting support?