Friday, December 10, 2010

Sarah Palin versus Aaron Sorkin

Don't know if you guys have been following this story, but here's the Sarah Palin clip of her taking six shots at a caribou that has sparked a lot of discussion/debate/criticism this week.

Aaron Sorkin let loose with this expletive-laden diatribe against Palin: "In Her Defense, I'm Sure the Moose had it Coming."

Now, the most fun yet: Rutgers law professor Gary Francione--he of the ultimate pro-animal rights position--writes to Sorkin saying "I Hate to Say It, but Sarah Palin is Right: A Response to Aaron Sorkin."

I haven't had this much fun since I was reading for my A-exam.


Gary Thompson said...

Where there's lead, there's danger! Fire away chickalocca. Three things come to mind:

1. Somebody, maybe even Sarah, might want to shoot and sight in that rifle beforehand.
2. Hunter Safety may not have been a bad investment in time for Sarah, or even her dad for that matter. Never shoot a silhouetted animal on a horizon. A disclaimer might have been a good idea for TLC. You never know what's behind those critters, could be an Indian village with a tribe of youngsters runnin' and duckin' for cover fearing lead from the sky.
3. Never tell a shooter, "this one kicks a little." That a sure fired flinch on the way.

Jim Tantillo said...

the hunting safety issues in the clip have been well covered at sites like

apparently the first gun had taken a jolt earlier in the hunt and knocked the scope out of alignment. Still, she's kind of a bonehead for letting the thing reach nationwide television in the first place . . .

Jim Tantillo said...

oops, fixed the Francioni link.