Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grouser Looking for a Sponsor

Seeing Jim's faded vest in the photo with Phoebe - the same vest I helped him purchase c. 1995 - I realized that what he really needs is a corporate sponsor.

I don't consider myself to be a gear guy, but I do love my Badlands vest from Uplander's Warehouse. The ergonomic suspension system rides perfectly during long, grouseless trecks through the Pennsylvania woods. The game pouch can handle all the treed fool hens a man can shoot in the early Maine grouse season. My vest even has a slot for a "hydration bag" to slake the thirst that comes with missing grouse after grouse in northern Wisconsin coverts. And, the vest is extremely versatile. It'll handle timberdoodles too.

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Path Walker said...

Just when a vest gets broken in and has developed a bit of character, the orange fades to sub-legal (or is obliterated by shmears of organic matter/splatter) and someone tries to sell you a new one (SHEESH!). What we need is orange in a can -- an orange touch-up paint or stain in the correct wave-lengths that can be sprayed on as needed.
On the other hand, if el jefe doesn't really like the old vest, Dr. Dirt's offer of a new one is a much better idea. That's mighty generous, Pete!