Monday, January 09, 2012

One pup left

Posting this for Jim Caron, who bred Phoebe's sister this fall:
Hi Jim-

Any chance I could talk you into posting the attached photos of the last male pup I have available on your Grouser’s blog site?

All of his brothers and sisters went to new homes this past weekend but his prospective new owner decided at the last minute the timing was not right for him. I would be happy to send pedigrees, hip results for dam and hip/elbow/eye and thyroid results for sire. This little guy is 8 weeks tomorrow (1/10) and he‘s ¾ Llewellyn (sire is 100% registered Llewellyn with FDSB). My e-mail contact info for anyone with questions is I could partially deliver him as far as Lansing on Feb. 6th if that would help someone who may be wondering how to arrange to get him.

The litter has been registered already with FDSB and he has first shots, dew claws removed and wormed. He will be a hunting machine by this coming Sept. and I’ll bet he will back his Aunt Phoebe.

I’ve also included one photo of his mom, my Daisy, after a short hunt around the house this past Oct. when she was 4 weeks pregnant. A solid memorable point on a grouse under a spruce that I proceeded to miss (followed up and got it though).

Thanks and feel free to send any photos you may have of Phoebe working the brush.

Jim Caron
So here are the pics, let me know if any of you are interested.



Path Walker said...

sort of looks like a Safari kinda pup. He'd be the star of grouse camp.

Safari Jim said...

Tempting. Very tempting. Not sure whether I'm going to get another setter. Might get one of those German dogs.

Jim Tantillo said...

Jim, if I'm not mistaken, there's some of Al Stewart's dogs' blood in that pedigree. If Phoebe were older I'd probably be thinking about it.

Jim Tantillo said...

sounds like the pup is now spoken for--Jim took a deposit from a guy in Grand Rapids yesterday.