Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Orange in a can

I appreciate the concern about my attire from brother grousers Kleinpuppy and Path Walker. Although somehow I missed the subliminal offer to buy me a new vest that Andy picked up on in reading between the lines of Pete's post . . . therefore I assume I'm stuck with the same old same old for the next ten or twenty seasons. (also forgot that Pete was there when I bought it new--Famous Brands, where else? and seeing as how Josh and I took hunter ed together in 1993, the vest is circa 1993.)

Here's how we rectify the faded-old-and-no-longer-legal-blaze-orange dilemma. The Filson Company's orange in a can:
When I'm hunting solo, I sometimes skip the new orange; but when I'm with some tree-swatting, covert-stealing flatlander from Pennsyltucky, I don my Filson orange in a can, and I'm good to go.

Fifty-four bucks from Filson.


Dr. Dirt said...

Actually, this would go well with the Badland's vest. I wear blaze pullover and shirts with it in the early season, but have no blaze parka for it now. So, combining the canned orange with the Badland's vest... This is getting expensive!

Path Walker said...

that frock is a little pricey, but if it ever fades just touch it up with some Simply Spray Brite Orange. Costs about $5 per can, and is enough to get you and a few Grouser buddies legal for the season.