Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice fishing- an alternative to QDM

A few risk averse land lubber grousers [ ;0] opted out of a day on the ice. Ya'll were missed... T'was a nice outing. Yet, as much as I missed the "low banter" of "sense of place," the distinctions between method and methodology, the merits of merrily shooting mercury infested waterfowl, and the inherent dangers to culture and society of being selective about the bucks one shoots, there was a distinct pleasure to be found in the solitary, slow jigging for one's dinner. No booze, no cigars--just a strong North wind and 5 inches of ice under the ironic comforts of 10 pound pac boots. And dinner was pickerel and perch.

Eric brought his daughter Danielle, Gary his daughters as well. see the Kuneytown blog for pics of the kids taking great pride in the catch.


Alex Metcalf said...

Is it considered a low blow if it hits directly on the chin?

Jim Tantillo said...

dude, classic blog post. poetic, profound, political. just the right amount of good-natured snarky sarcasm. future followers in your footsteps would do well to study this post to see how it's done. really good stuff. the Russian judge gives you a 9.5