Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Killed Bambi?

Well, this has been Bambi week in Nature and Culture. Two great showings of this fantastic film, which along with the Cornell swim test is one of the two Cornell activities I firmly believe should be mandatory in order for students to graduate from college.

Then again, I am the same college instructor who got this hate mail last year:
"While reading the online article about the 11 year old boy who shot his stepmother and her unborn baby, I came upon your ridiculous quote. This quote sounds as if it is coming from a serial killer not a college professor...not that teachng 'environment philosophy' qualifies you as a professor. You are a dangerous person to be projecting your warped views onto age 20 something students."
So maybe my judgment can't be trusted. At any rate, in an ideal world the advanced Bambi course would include hermeneutic ekphrasis of this song by Edward Tudor-Pole and the Sex Pistols, circa 1978. Enjoy.

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