Sunday, February 14, 2010

When hunting is outlawed, only outlaws will hunt


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I agree with your statement about guns, but I don't think this video makes that point. Is this suppose to be funny? Personally, I think it's stupid, and pretty degrading to the animal that gave it's life. It really makes hunters look like idiots. Surely, that isn't what you meant to convey.

Jim Tantillo said...

well Karen, in hindsight I suppose you're right--it's potentially in poor taste. I don't really think I "meant to convey" anything. oh well. wouldn't be the first time I've posted something in bad taste on the internet . . . my "butchering Bambi's mother" photo series on Flickr gets me plenty of hate mail from time to time.

at any rate, I'm sorry to have offended.

Jim Tantillo said...

and the more I think of it, the embarrassment of posting the outlaw hunters video pales in comparison with last year's Unwanted Celebrity incident, where I was quoted in the NY Times apparently approving the murder by an 11 year old boy of his stepmother:

" 'Life exists at the expense of other life. You have to kill in order to live,' said Jim Tantillo, an environmental philosophy professor at Cornell University in New York, who is also a hunter.
'There's just something very honest about owning the responsibility for the life you take. When you pull that trigger, you know something's going to die,' he said."

So I've been known to step in it before.

Actually, what I'm waiting for right now is for that same Associated Press reporter to get back to me about Alabama professor Amy Bishop so that I can support a new article showing that Bishop's Harvard PhD is what caused her to kill her colleagues in a faculty meeting. Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket--her Harvard education is the causal factor.