Saturday, August 26, 2006

Breed selected, now on to preparations ...

Just a few short months ago I unloaded all my dog training books to KGT. I had accumulated them over the years knowing one day I too would be with dog.

This past Spring, I had come to the sad conclusion my life would be dogless. I packed up the books (a number of Wolters titles, and a few assorted other authors) and dropped them off with KGT when I visited for Spring turkey season.

KGT is a wise man and insisted, despite my confident contrariness, he would hold the books on long-term loan and not take them as gifts.

I now stand before you requesting advice on books and your own insights concerning training dog as hunting buddy (of the retrieving and flushing kind) and family member.

Umm, KGT , could you send some of those "gifts" back my way?


KGT said...

So what IS the breed selected?

Will you be coming up for ducks or shall I FedEx books to you?

Joshua said...

An early or mid-season fowl foray is unlikely for me. FedEx'ing of the books is not necessary.

I have no immediate need for the books (at earliest, dog will arrive here in 6 weeks), so regular old book rate U.S. postal service would be fine.

I don't want to jinx anything, so I'm gonna hold off on posting breed details now.

Also, I did purchase a copy of Wolter's Family Dog.

(couldn't figure out how to edit comments, so I deleted it and started over)