Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tune -up with Artemis

Took the Mis-tress out for a quail tune-up. Hot, but we had fun. Thanks to Elon for the fine camera work. I'll run her a few more times and then its off to Black Lake for the real deal.

Oh, and the quail, of which there were three...

Breasted, salt rub and slathered in olive oil and garlic. Cinnamon sprinkle on both sides. Grill, baste liberally with orange spice sauce (found in asian section of wegman's). Serve w/ mint garnish. Delicious.

Miss on "slam" point.

Found one in the hedgerow.

The Miss-creant and Pops.


Jim Tantillo said...

nice pics, big guy. you look good together out there--and that's what matters. anyway, early grouse is 18 days off. yeah baby

KGT said...

Can't Wait!

Thanks for the nice words.
Heard you had a nice early goose outing...see you tomorrow, now that I finally have stamps, HIP numbers, shells, motivation, etc.

Jim Tantillo said...

rumor has it that Vassili's loyal reader is cooking up the most recent backstraps for a manly man's goose hunting breakfast. you know I'll be there.