Saturday, August 19, 2006

Empty out those freezers, boys

Superior Shooter's laundry list of killables reminded me that it's that time again--you should all be cleaning out the freezer of all the old game flesh in order to make room for the new.

Which means that the barbecue grills should be working overtime. Serious sportsmen, of course, will have a full time grill attendant on staff . . . just like they did back in the 1950s, when this picture was published. It was truly the heyday of sportsmanship.

Remember: girls love grills.


KGT said...

AWESOME! I must get a real copy of this.

Just used your donated weber last night...did a venison backstrap, marinated in wine, olive oil and seasonings 24 hrs, split down the middle filled with brie, A1 and fresh rapberry jam and sewn back up-indirect heat 1 hour. twas divine, and even the city-slicker in-laws enjoyed. Thanks for the inspirational post!

Jim Tantillo said...

you know, every thing sounded awesome up until the word "brie" . . . never seen a recipe in the he-man woman hater's cookbook that's got "brie" in it. What is this "brie"? Can you buy it in stores? Will it grow hair on my teeth? Not sure I want my hard-won venison backstrap smeared with anything called "brie."


actually, dude, that sounds pretty good. may have to try it myself.