Friday, August 18, 2006

cattails yellowing
vacant seats at double black
ducklings hide beneath


Jim Tantillo said...

I'm loving the "cattails yellowing" and wanting to steal that for my own 'ku.... nicely done cagey.

KGT said...

was torn as to posting on Huntin Ku or here...opted for max impact among the group.

You still thinking about Black Lake, or trekking for grouse?

Jim Tantillo said...

you should post it there too--by all means. I've been double posting lately to an autumn haiku blog called "Falling Leaves," so far the blood and guts stuff is going over like the proverbial "fart in church"... but I figure it's all part of my consciousness raising campaign for the autumnal blood sports.

If I can get the money for gas (which this year is serious money), then I'd still like to go west. But I'm starting not to count on that. We'll see. Katie's pretty lame these days, not sure what's up with that. Don't really want to go back to the vet's either. we'll see.

post the ku on Hunting Ku.

Ernie said...

Cattails yellowing, grass growing in the new drainage area, pond filling, and early goose only days away. Need to get together and start thinking about any upgrades to the hunting lodge we may wish to make. Trails that need busting, holes that need patching, signs that need posting, the work never ends from now until January 7th, gotta love it!